A big conversation about a sustainable future for tourism in Banff National Park

What We’re Discussing And Why

Together with the wider community, Parks Canada, and the Town of Banff, Banff & Lake Louise Tourism is developing a Tourism Masterplan for the destination. The Masterplan will become a guidepost as we develop our approach to tourism in Banff National Park for the next 10 years and beyond. It will address environmental sustainability, community wellbeing, cultural integrity and economic prosperity. The process is intended to complement other long-range plans like the Parks Management Plan and municipal masterplans.

Tourism Together is supported by consultants Group NAO, who are on the leading edge of sustainable tourism development. The consultation process includes recommendations from specially-formed community Working Groups, surveys of Banff National Park residents, tourism employees and tourism stakeholders, and 1:1 interviews.

Project Updates

How We’re Doing It


A stakeholder survey, open between March 8 and April 14, 2022, was designed to help us understand the future readiness, key areas of priority, and expectations for the shared future vision of tourism in Banff National Park. We asked a broad range of tourism industry stakeholders to participate, including our members, their employees, our partners and other destination management organizations.

A community survey was released on May 26, 2022, to help us gather input from residents of Banff National Park. The survey has now closed. We are grateful to all those who call this place home for sharing their views.

A tourism employee survey, in partnership with the Banff & Lake Louise Hospitality Association, was open from July 27 to August 28, 2022. It was designed to help improve employees’ experiences and opportunities as part of our community and workforce; and to provide employers with insights to help improve recruitment, retention and the wider employee lifecycle.

Working Groups

To develop specific recommendations for the Masterplan, we formed six Working Groups, each addressing one the following key themes: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Future Destination Brand & Values, Indigenous Tourism, Innovating Tourism, Live, Work & Community, and Sustainability.

The Working Groups include members of the community and tourism industry stakeholders, tasked with collaborating to build shared understanding, identify collective priorities, and co-develop a number of meaningful joint recommendations. These recommendations are an important part of the Tourism Masterplan process, and were presented at a “Future of Tourism” Forum in June 2022. The Indigenous Tourism Working Group was formed in May and will provide its recommendations later in the year.

Interviews & Research

Our consultants, Group NAO, have held interviews with a number of key stakeholders in the tourism industry and the community, including representatives from Parks Canada, Town of Banff, etc.

Group NAO are reviewing the existing fact base of research on consumer trends, and further study will look at visitors’ perceptions and perspectives.

How You Can Get Involved

Tourism Employee Survey

We recently closed a survey of tourism employees. It was designed to help with efforts to improve employees’ experiences and opportunities as part of our community and workforce. It included questions on a topics including job satisfaction, housing, safety, career opportunities, work-life balance, inclusion and diversity. Insights from the survey will also help employers with recruitment, retention, and the wider employee lifecycle. Responses are anonymous, individuals’ data will not be shared with employers, and there are no questions about individual workplaces.

The survey was prepared by Banff & Lake Louise Tourism and the Banff & Lake Louise Hospitality Association, as part of the Tourism Together process, and the Destination Labour Attraction Project. For any questions regarding the Tourism Together surveys, please contact tourismtogether@banfflakelouise.com